About Rexel Industries

  • Business Infrastructure

    Due to the excellent business infrastructure of the group which consists of sister companies that have been operation in the Gulf region for over 50 years, Rexel has more than doubled its capacity and customer base in a short span of years. Rexel’s Infrastructure runs the applications that process transactions, delivers and handles the customer support center that help our executives and managers communicate centrally ensuring outstanding performance.

  • Our Vision & Motto

    We are driven by our vision to be the leading & preferred supplier of sheet metal products globally from our dedication, commitment and the overwhelming support of our employees, suppliers and above all our customers has seen us taking giant strides towards our vision of being the leading & preferred supplier. Servicing our customers by giving them the best value for their money is not our motto but the very basis of our operations.

  • A Global Reach

    Rexel products have a very strong customer base as we are the leading suppliers to furniture dealers in the U.A.E. Outside the borders of U.A.E, Rexel products are exported to all the major markets in the Middle East, along with several CIS, and African nations. Rexel products are widely accepted & preferred by dealers across the globe due to exceptional quality/finishing and the competitive pricing structure. We call this our Value ratio.

  • Quality Standards

    All Rexel products are manufactured to FIRA (UK) standards that ensure the highest level of safety and quality in storage equipments. At Rexel our systems and Quality Assurance engineers ensure that each component is checked at every stage of the production process to guarantee consistent results in the form of a top quality product. Rexel Industries, FZCO is a ISO 9001:2008 company, which enhances our belief on creating a system in which Quality is at the epicenter.

Our design team is highly trained to work with computer aided tools, making even the most complex designs come to life. The core products of the company cater to two distinct market segments; Industrial storages & Office/Institutional storage solutions.